Cortez Farmers Market, Montezuma County, Cortez, Colorado

Cortez Farmers Market

Minutes from the March 12, 2010 Committee Meeting


Present: Tom Hooten, Extension Agent and Carolyn Dunmire, Facilitator,

                  Vendors/Committee members: Barbara Lynch, Lew Matis, Kim Lindgren,

                  Andy Carter, Lee Hill


Topics of Discussion:

Parking Lot Plot Plan and Total number of spaces available for use.

Andy and Lew will get a copy of the plot plan or draw one up for further lay-out of the vendor spaces and vehicle traffic lanes.


Discussion of the requirements for the Market Manager.

Carolyn will write the advertisement to be placed in the Cortez Journal for 3 runs. (Got confirmation from the Cortez Journal…the ad will run this week on Tues, Thurs, and Sat.

Total cost $62.90 on your account.) March 16, 18, & 20.


Application and Job description to be obtain from the Extension Office or on-line at the website for the job description. Lee will review the applications and set a meeting for the full committee to meet with the applicants. The Market Manager will place an advertisement stating the Opening date and hours of the Market to include the new Rule as to animal, including dog, not being allow within the Market locations.  This advertisement should include the number of available Vendor spaces, with priority given to Vendors from the previous year.


Future Rules changes for 2011.

• Rule change for 2010: no animals, including dogs to be allow within the Market parameters. 

• Market Manager to arrange for signs and post for Market days.

• Fee for 2010 is $55.00

• All remaining Rules will remain in place for 2010.

• A copy of the rules will handed out with the Permits.

• Vendors who were present in 2009 will have priority for spaces.

• The Extension Office will be selling Vendor Permits to those Vendors who brought permits last year with any new permits being referred to the Standing Committee for consideration.

• The Extension Office has agreed to print up the Permits; they still have card stock paper from previous years.

• Discussion of possible new rules was had.  Further discussion is needed before proposed new rules are presented to the full Vendors meeting for voting.



Lew and Lynn are the sub-committee for the writing of the Grants with any Volunteers that can help. Market Manager to help with the writing of the City of Cortez Grant.



The SNAP/EBT machine and the file box from past years to remain at the Extension office until the Market Manager is in place. The Treasure, Rosy Carter, to provide on- site and off-site supervision of the SNAP program and to help with the tracking of the Petty Cash fund needed for conversion to cash for the Vendors. The Treasure to provide oversight for the funds received from Farmers Market merchandise.


Memorandum of  Understanding:

Montezuma County has requested and MOU from the Farmers Market. Lee to prepare and present to the Committee for review and revision before being presented for signature.


Next Meeting:

A Meet and Greet meeting of all the Vendors will be needed after the Market Manager is hired to allow for the assignment of spaces, paying of fees and to have any suggestion for future rule changes submitted. Proposed meeting time is the 1st or 2nd week of May.  Best place is the Calvin Denton Room at Empire Electric.  An evening meeting is usually best for vendors as they will be in the garden/field during the day.  Week-day or Week-end meeting???