Cortez Farmers Market, Montezuma County, Cortez, Colorado

Cortez Farmers Market

Cortez Farmers Market Annual Meeting 03/21/2015

Meeting called to order

Introduction of committee members. Brief discussion about what being on the committee entails. Lindsay asked for new member nominations. Moqui Mustain-Fury and Mitchell Periman volunteer. Members voted for Mitchell and Moqui to replace Barbara Lynch and Lew Matis. 

Financial Review by Lee Hill. Ideas for fundraising were discussed. Theresa is already in touch with the local TV station that will run a free ad for the market and it will have weekly updates from the market. Lindsay Yarbrough makes a motion to accept the 2015 budget. Seconded by Barbara Lynch. All in favor. Customer appreciation day sometime in August or September. Theresa suggested the idea of a chef cook off at market. A subcommittee will be needed to get that going and anyone interested can contact her. Vendor donations/pass the hat day if the budget is getting tight. 

Website update from Connie Baber. Web ads will be the same and we need to really sell these to help with the budget. Connie suggests have a page where a vendor can have a profile run for a week or two for a small fee. Another idea was suggested to have a frequent shopper card that will have a reward of $5-10 market bucks after so many visits to the market. Members like the idea and this can be done with some of the marketís market bucks. Rosie Carter suggests we find out if some of our marketing money can be for ads on the Cortez Journalís web page as opposed to all of it being in the print papers. Theresa will see if it is possible.

Proposed regulations were discussed by Theresa. Mitchell Periman makes a motion to accept the changes to regulations and application. Seconded by Barbara Lynch. All in favor.  

Members voted not to start the market a week early. Opening day will be June 6th. 

Tom Hooten discussed vendor sign up dates. 

Other business discussed including the need for any vendors wishing to sell food products to either be familiar with the Cottage Food Act and be in compliance or to talk to Melissa Mathews at the Health Department. Discussed counterfeit money at the market. A pen will be purchased to have at the market booth. Liability Insurance was offered for individual vendors from the company that insures our market. Discussed being a member of the Chamber of Commerce. Barbara Lynch makes a motion not to be members this year. Seconded by Mitchell Periman. Majority of members in favor.

Meeting Ajourned.