Cortez Farmers Market, Montezuma County, Cortez, Colorado

Cortez Farmers Market

Farmers Market Spring Meeting 04/14/2012


The Farmers Market Spring meeting was held on April 14, 2012 at the Calvin Denton Room at the Empire Electric building.


Present and presenting information:

Committee Members: Barbara Lynch, Rosie Carter, Andy Carter, Lew Matis, Matt Keefauver, Lee Hill.


Market Manager Theresa Titone, (970) 749-6438


Tom Hooten:

Colorado State University Extension,109 West Main, Room 102,Cortez, CO 81321
Tom.Hooten@ColoState.EDU, (970) 565-3123  


Mellissa Mathews of Montezuma County Health Dept.,, 970-565-3056, Ext. 225   


Meeting was called to order at 9:00 am.

Rosie and Matt present a review of the  2011 budget. Overview showed that the CFM still has a small balance in the account. There is a small continuing balance in the SNAP fund account.


The overview of the 2012 budget showed that an increase in the Vendor fee was necessary to cover the expected expenses. A vote was called on the amount of the fee for the year and the amount of $75.00 was voted in by the Vendors.


Farmers Telephone Co. has stated their intention to pay for the Friends of the Market booth.

The CFM did receive a grant for the Cortez Merchants Association, thank you Matt.

Connie Baber presented a report on the WEB site and it’s fees, along with the suggestion that an increase in the fee for the Web ads for July thru Sept. All agreed that if sponsors where willing to pay the extra fee than it should be

charged. If space is available for additional spots they be accepted was, also, agreed upon.

A very large THANK YOU to Connie for all of her work on the Web site and keeping the vendor information updated and current.


Theresa presents a proposed rule change for the Not-for Profit Organization .

Theresa has generated an Application for the NPOs to fill-out upon a request to use the Friends Booth which states the approved rule for use of the booth.

Lew and Andy have made some changes to the Space layout increasing the size of each space in the back section to 12.5 feet wide for each space. This will result in fewer Spaces but will allow for easier parking for the Vendors. A new space map is available at CSUE office.

Mellissa Mathews, of Montezuma County Health Dept., presented the information on the “Colorado Cottage Foods Act.”


This law made several changes in the responsible of the Vendors that sell at the CFM and each Vendor is responsible to comply with the Law as it is now written.


This Fact Sheet is developed to establish uniform interpretation and application of the recently enacted:

“Colorado Cottage Foods Act (Act).” This fact sheet is provided by the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment, Division of Environmental Health & Sustainability. Additional information about the Act, may be obtained by calling 303-692-3645, or visiting the division’s web page -

Please contact Mellissa at the MCHD with questions concerning compliance with this new law.

Please contact Tom Hooten at CSUE if you need a written copy he will help you obtain one.


If you have questions concerning a product that you wish to sell please contact Mellissa she will guide you to the correct licensing agency. (eggs, cheese, meat, any product that requires refrigeration).


If you are planning on selling food products other than fresh garden produce please contact Mellissa as to the proper handling procedures.


Tom Hooten has a handout for Vendors, “FOOD SAFETY FOR FARMERS’ MARKET VENDORS”, please follow the procedures as they are stated.

Proper Handling of products is critical for the Farmers Market’s reputation and public safety.


Tom Hooten explains the vendor application process.


The revised Application is available at the CSUE office. Applications for returning Vendors are due along with fee of $75. by April 27. Applications for new Vendors will be accepted starting Monday 4/16/12. The Standing Committee will review all new application and will be in contact with the Vendor. The fee needs to be submitted with the application, but will be returned if the Vendor in not accepted.


For returning Vendors, if your fee is not paid by April 27, your current space can be reassigned to another vendor and you will be assigned a new space. If you wish to change your current space please note on the application.


Tom Hooten has information on a plot of land that is available this year if someone wishes to make arrangement to farm this year. Please contact him. Theresa Titone also has a plot of land available for gardening this year. Please contact her for information.


New Board Members: Matt Keefauver, Dave Chisholm and Angie Sank have been elected to the Committee. Andy Carter and Lee Hill have retired from the Committee.


Rule Changes:


Non-profit community organizations are invited to promote their organization with literature and handouts. Space is allotted on a first-come, first-served basis. Organizations may collect donations and conduct membership drives. Organizations may only sell products which directly relate to their organization as a fund raiser, and which do not compete with any paid vendors’ stand at the Farmers Market.



Cost of one (1) vendor space is $75.00 per market season, paid in full prior to selling. This fee is the same whether the vendor is selling for two (2) weeks or every week. Spaces will be assigned. One-time vendor permits are $25 each and will be issued by the Market Manager according the space availability. The decision to issue a permit will be based on products to be sold, date the application is received and space availability. Each application will be subject to the guidelines for all vendors.

If a questions arises the Standing Committee will have the finally say on the issue.



Vendors will be assigned spaces for the season by the Standing Committee. Day Vendors will be assigned spaces by the Market Manager. Vendors are to be set-up and ready for business by the 7:30 a.m. opening of the Market.

Vendors are to notify the Market Manger if the Vendor is unable to attend the Market on the next Saturday. Notification must be before 7:30 p.m. of previous Friday. If a Vendor fails to notify the Market Manger or fails to appear for three (3) consecutive Saturdays the Manager may reassign the space to another vendor for the remainder of the Season. Vendors are responsible to notify the Market Manger when they plan to begin selling for the season.



All vendors are responsible to be in compliance with, and follow the Colorado Cottage Foods Act, Health Code Regulations, licensing, tax regulations, as well as City and County regulations. If weight scales are to be used for selling the vendor must comply with the State Law regulating weights and measures.