Cortez Farmers Market, Montezuma County, Cortez, Colorado

Cortez Farmers Market

Minutes from the April 17, 2009 Committee Meeting


•  Committee Members in Attendance:  Laurie Hall, Matt Lauer, Trish Peters and Michele Martz

•  Overall Attendance approximately 44 people

•  Vote taken and date of the first market for 2009 will be May 30th

•  Vote taken and passed that farmers market members must be part of one full market season before having a vote in decision making

  Trish Peters discusses budget.  Connie Baber and Laurie Hall discuss the relationship between the farmers market and the Farmers Telephone Booth Sponsorship. Farmers Telephone would like to sponsor the community booth once again this year.

•  Discussion ensued about hiring a market manager.  The general consensus of the crowd was that we should hire a manager and that it should be a person who does not have a booth at the market.  Discussion about what to pay the manager came up and the consensus was to see what the employed market manager would feel was a fair wage.

•  Lynn Dyer from Mesa Verde Country talked about AgriTourism and what they can do for the farmers market, including:

                        - Pay for advertising in the newspaper and the market spot on KSJD Radio

                        - Print Booklets with local markets and growers

                        - Will pay for a farmer’s market poster to be sold to generate revenue for the market 

                        - Will link to our website

•  Discussion ensued about other items that were needed/wanted for the market and a general consensus was that a storage unit for the farmer’s market setup materials was highest priority.  It will be purchased when we have extra funds in our account later in the year.  In the meantime vendors are to keep their eyes open for something that might work.

•  All were in favor of keeping the current guidelines for craft vendors

•  Connie Baber talked about the website

 A vote was taken and vendor fees for 2009 were raised to $50 

•  Laurie Hall and Michele Martz’s Committee Positions two year terms are up and it was asked that volunteers nominate themselves for these positions.  Deanna Wolfe volunteered to replace Michele Martz’s position as Secretary on the Committee.  Michele Martz motioned that Deanna Wolfe be nominated as Secretary, Mary Vozar seconded and the crowd voted her in.  Welcome on board Deanna!