Cortez Farmers Market, Montezuma County, Cortez, Colorado

Cortez Farmers Market

Farmers Market Spring Meeting 4-29-08

Draft Minutes

(to be approved at the Fall Membership Meeting)


Attendance:  Laurie Hall, Market Manager, Tom Hooten of CSU Extension, and 42 attendants (Committee members:  Matt Lauer, Michele Martz, Trish Peters)


*Additions to agenda:


            - Penny Welch discussed Farm 2 School Program.  She can be contacted at 564-1508 or

            - Matt Keefauver discussed City’s Comprehensive Plan with concerns to adopted policies on sustainable and local agriculture.  The plan can be viewed online at

            - Rosie Carter reminded everyone that scales must be legal for trade.  Scales also need to be registered.  For more info see the Colorado Dept. of Agriculture or Dept. of Weights and Measures.

            - Nancy McGill of the “Friends of the Cortez Farmers Market” sent a survey to the meeting.

            - Bake sale raised $419.95.  Thanks to all who participated.


* Laurie Hall addresses the current situation with CSU Extension.

* Michele Martz reviewed the minutes from the April 17th meeting.  No revisions were made.  Motion was made and minutes were approved.

* Hall read the draft of the Roles and Responsibilities of the Market Committee.  Discussion and additions are made to the draft.  Martz re-reads the additions.  Motion was made and the roles and responsibilities of the market committee were approved.

* Hall read the Rules of the market.  Concerns are raised about outgrowing the spaces in the parking lot.  It is suggested that we let people know that there is free parking on Elm and 1st streets by placing this in our advertisements.

* Motion was made and approved to keep 7 craft vendors for this year.

* Motion was made and approved that we decide on the number of craft vendors on a year-by-year basis.

* Connie Baber proposed that “priority be given to agricultural vendors” be placed into the Rules and Regulations.  All were in agreement.


* Trish Peters presented the budget.


            - Matt Keefauver suggested that we look into Cortez Retail Enhancement to acquire Cortez Cash for us on printing, supplies and a tent for the EBT booth.

            - It was suggested that we try to receive community donations whenever possible.

            - It was recommended that Laurie Hall get our new Pew Porta John agreement in writing.

            - Peters suggests that we keep track of donations for possible grant purposes in the future.

            - Connie Baber said that she will investigate getting one month of web hosting donated, making the total expenses $165 instead of $180.

            - It was recommended that we use the community calendars in all the papers for advertisement.

            - It was decided that $660 dollars be spent on print advertising in the Cortez Journal, and if Cortez Cash can be used for this purpose, then the money can be spent in other newspapers.

            - The banner (estimated $300) is to be paid for out of the bake sale money.

            - Bessie White volunteered to talk to Farmers Telephone about getting our flyer in their mailer donated.

            - Shopping bags were discussed.  A motion was made and approved that we sell the bags for $12, offer a coupon for $2 in all our print ads, and if we have extras leftover at the end of the market we will discount them.

            - Commemorative Poster idea was turned down.


* A motion was made and approved to pay the $5/per vendor User Fee to the CSU Extension Office. Trish Peters is to look at the books for 2006 to verify that we were not charged twice for User Fees and to determine how many vendors there were in 2006.

* A vote was taken on the receptivity of raising the market fees.  A motion was made and approved to raise the market fees to $40 for 2008 season.

* A motion was made and approved to accept the 2008 working budget.


* Permits were sold and spaces confirmed.


* Meeting adjourned.