Cortez Farmers Market, Montezuma County, Cortez, Colorado

Cortez Farmers Market

Farmers Market Spring Meeting 05/04/2011


The Farmers Market Spring meeting was held at the Calvin Denton Room at the Empire Electric building.


The committee approved 12 new vendors.


Theresa gave a review of the advertising placed for the opening of the Market:

     Cortez Journal – 1 per week for 4 weeks in May

     4 Corners Press - May only 1 Ad.

     Dolores Star and Mancos Times - 1 Ad, last week of May

Total is over by $10. Which we will need to find in the budget to cover the costs.


Everyone present agreed that it was acceptable for Rosie to advertise on the Market Report on KSDJ.


Lew agreed to help get the spaces marked before the beginning of the Market, so everyone can locate their spaces. It was recommended that the space color be green to keep from interfering with other markings.


The Master Gardeners, and Tom Hooten agreed to pay for a new awning for the

Market Managers booth, we will donate the old awing to the Friends booth, as theirs is no longer usable.


Tom Hooten informed everyone that a certified kitchen is not necessary for those baked goods that do not require refrigeration or contain any products that fall under additional Health Dept. guidelines. It was recommended that if anyone has a question they, contact the Heath Dept. for clarification.


One of the current vendors has offered to provide tables and chairs for the season.

Theresa has spoken with him. Since they are large tables, the thought is that 2 tables with chairs would be acceptable. Placement was discussed, and is still being worked out. The Vendor will bring them each week and set them up. He will be responsible for them and not the Market.


Theresa is still trying to reach the person responsible for the Cortez Cash funds. Regan agreed to keep trying until that person is reached and we can access the funds for this market season.




William E. Griffin

Rex L. Tozer

Karen Ragland

Deborah Hager

Maqui Mustain Fury and Alex Rankin

Kellie Pettyjohn

Valerina Sampson

Angi Sauk

Wilson Farms: Ruth Wilson and family

Paca Gold : Geri Sanders

Pleasant View Vineyard, and Flippin Eggs: Elizabeth O’Hara Bleak and Mary Beth Gentry

The Dirt Mamas: Laurie Austin, Caitlin Munroe, Julianne Van Buskirk, Theresa Titone