Cortez Farmers Market, Montezuma County, Cortez, Colorado

Cortez Farmers Market

Farmers Market Committee Meeting - May 15th Minutes


Attendance:  Laurie Hall, Trish Peters, Michele Martz, Kim Lindgren, Matt Lauer


*Laurie Hall to get a clean copy of the vendor spacing map to the CSU Extension

*Trish Peters will follow up with Matt Keefauver on the Cortez Cash


*Committee was in agreement to wait to put the $1 of the shopping bags in the newspaper advertisement.  Coupon will go in when bags are in hand.  Suggestion was made to put the Free Sticker promo in the ad.  Michele will follow up with Rosie Carter on this.


*Did Ami put the flyer in the city water bills yet?  Michele will ask her.

*Laurie will do the layout of the newspaper ad and the 8 x 11 flyer.  Michele will place calendar announcements.


*Trish will ask Community Connections if they will deliver flyer around to stores (flyer will have EBT announcement on it).  Trish to get emailed copy from Laurie and print off.

Laurie will also put a stack at the CSU Ext. office for vendors to pick up and hang around town and will make a larger poster for the Pinon Project announcing the EBT system.


*Matt has a padlock for the porta-john.


*Discussion of sponsors of the farmers market took place.  Laurie will make a draft copy of what we could offer sponsors.  Michele will talk to Jeff Pope about connecting with a sponsor to underwrite the Rufus and Rhoda promo.


*Michele will keep in touch with Teena Louise on recipes and such.


*Trish will get out $50 for the cash box for the shopping bags, and $50 check to the Colorado Farmers Market Association for the EBT money.  She will talk to LouAnn on how to pay the musicians.


*Laurie is meeting with the Friends of the Farmers Market on May 21st at 6pm at Blondies.  She requested that Kim, Mesa and Trish come to do training on the EBT booth.


*A decision was made by the Friends of the Farmers Market group that people who want to join the group donate $10.

*Laurie requested that we send ideas to her on the non-profit community groups space.


Meeting Adjourned