Cortez Farmers Market, Montezuma County, Cortez, Colorado

Cortez Farmers Market



We are working closely with the health department to implement restrictions in order to keep our market open. As conditions change these restrictions may change.

Download our informational flyer.

Click here to read guidelines from the Colorado Dept. of Agriculture.

The CSU Extension also has some excellent information for safely handling fresh produce.

In order to participate in the Cortez Farmers Market, ALL CUSTOMERS

must follow these rules and guidelines:


     1. CFM WILL NOT need to limit the number of people in Market.

     2. CFM WILL LIMIT entrance and exit points.

     3. CFM WILL MAINTAIN a customer flow direction through Market.

     4. PREPARED FOOD LIMITATIONS: No food will be prepared at Market. Food must be

        prepared prior to Market and packaged to-go, for consumption after departing the

       Market area.

     5. You are ALLOWED TO DRINK from a covered cup within Market.

     6. There will be NO SELF-SERVE! No refills of any drinks. Vendors will not touch a

       customer's reusable shopping bag.

     7. CRAFT VENDORS ARE ALLOWED, as long as they are responsible and encourage

       customers NOT TO LINGER.

     8. Customers are encouraged to WEAR MASKS.

     9. We will have 2 handwash stations and sanitizer throughout the Market.

    10. We have implemented a curbside pick-up area so immune-compromised can still BUY

       LOCAL! Click here for the map.


       Here's how it will work:


     1. Customer calls/emails their pre-order of merchandise to Vendor or orders on

       Vendor's website, preferably by Thursday so Vendor has time to prepare

       customer package Friday.

     2. Customer must pre-pay online or pay with a check made out to the Vendor

       at the curbside pick-up. NO CASH TRANSACTIONS. Curbside attendant

       will wear a fanny pack for checks.

     3. Curbside pick-up hours will be from 8:00-10:00 a.m.

     4. When Vendor is preparing the customer's package, they will attach an

       invoice, indicating if customer owes $ or has already paid + customer's name.

     5. Curbside attendant will have all of the pre-order packages at the curbside pick-up

       table by 8:00 a.m., and wait until the customer arrives.


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