Cortez Farmers Market, Montezuma County, Cortez, Colorado

Cortez Farmers Market

Cortez Farmers Market Committee

The Cortez Farmers Market Committee is to be made up of five elected, all-volunteer members, one of whom is the market manager who is elected by the farmers market membership.  Members serve two-year terms that may be renewed at the annual spring meeting.  The committee is established to provide assistance to the market manager with concerns to: onsite duties, community outreach, advertising and promotion, bookkeeping and minutes, and oversight of “Friends of the Farmers Market” working group.

1.)    The committee will help with onsite duties such as unlocking the port-a-potty, setup of signs and parking cones before the market starts, and any needed decision-making/enforcement of the Rules and Regulations, which are determined and changed by the entire farmers market membership. New applications to the market will be decided on a case-by-case basis by the market committee by a consensus decision and based on product, date received, and space availability.  Limited spaces will be made available for "other" (prepared foods, chair massage, coffee, etc.) vendors on a case-by-case basis and are subject to the discretion of the market committee.

2.)    The committee is to provide community outreach for the market in the way of scheduling musicians, meeting with City and County Officials/Employees to discuss market issues and establishing a       voice with the community at large about the happenings at the market (KSJD radio, calendar listings, etc.).

3.)     The Farmers Market Committee will actively seek ways to advertise and promote the farmers market and will make decisions on promotional items, with the best interest of the market in mind.  Promotional items that are over $250 will be decided on during the annual meetings through a democratic vote of vendors.  Promotional items that are under $250 will be decided on through a consensus of the committee members, based on available finances.

4.)    The committee will handle the bookkeeping and secretarial tasks of the farmers market.  A treasurer and secretary will be appointed.  The Treasurer is to help set the budget at the beginning of the year, which will then be presented at the annual spring meeting and approved by the farmers market membership, do basic bookkeeping and work with CSU Extension in keeping our books.  The secretary is to take minutes of the committee and annual meetings, is to provide minutes to the public, and to place promos and calendar events in local newspapers and radio stations.

5.)    The Farmers Market Committee is to oversee working groups of the Farmers Market, including “Friends of the Farmers Market.”