Cortez Farmers Market, Montezuma County, Cortez, Colorado

Cortez Farmers Market


Each vendor must be compliant with the Colorado Cottage Foods Act and the rules and regulations that apply to selling prepared foods at the Farmers Market. If you plan to sell ANY prepared food at the Farmers Market, please contact the Health Department.


The most up-to-date info on the Colorado Cottage Foods Act is available at

Food Safety Training Food Smart Colorado (


For more information about which foods require licensing or are prohibited, please contact Melissa at Montezuma County Health Department, 565-3056.


You can read about it here:  


The Act focuses on Non-potentially Hazardous foods. Does not include low-acid or acidified foods.  Means any food or beverage that, when stored under normal conditions without refrigeration, will not support the rapid and progressive growth of microorganisms that cause food infections or food intoxications.

All vendors are responsible to be in compliance with, and follow, the Health Code Regulations, Cottage Food Act, licensing, tax regulations, as well as City and County regulations.  If weight scales are to be used for selling, the vendor must comply with the State Law regulating weights and measures.