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Cortez Farmers Market Annual Meeting 03/16/2019


Record of Decisions/Minutes

Cortez Farmersí Market 2019 Annual Spring Meeting

Saturday, March 16th 10 a.m.

Montezuma County Annex


Market Managers: Jodie Sutton, Lily Jamison-Cash

Treasurer: Lee Hill

Committee Members present: Moqui Mustain-Fury, Mick Periman, Laurie Austin, Lindsay Yarbrough, Nina Williams


Minutes: Michele moved to approve the 2018 minutes. Mick seconded. Motion passed unanimously.


2018 Survey Results: Opened a question around whether or not to allow dogs at market. Discussion of dog area where customers can leave their dogs either near courthouse or with Denkai. Managers will look into options.


Change in bank statement format: Discussion that the paper bank statement for the Marketís account with Vectra bank costs $3/month, whereas the electronic statement entails no extra cost. Barbara moved for Lee to receive an electronic bank statement, rather than paper, for the Farmers Market account with Vectra. Mick seconded. Motion passed unanimously.


Financing Advertisement: Jodie requested $130 to pay for an advertisement in the SW Colorado Summer Guide. Barbara moved to pay for the ad from the reserve fund, and collect donations throughout the market season to replenish the reserve. Any extra donations collected could be rolled over for the next year. Jordan seconded. Motion passed unanimously.


Further discussion that Vendors can donate items to Market Booth for the Market to raise a profit, which could pay for outdoor furniture, etc. Vendors can also volunteer to take home furniture if the Market is not able to store it.


Market Expansion: Shak Powers, County Administrator, said that he could not acquire more spaces for the market this year but will look into it for next year.

Discussion about using Elm St from Main to the alley. Comments that the existing market spaces should be filled before expanding.


Election: Moqui Mustain-Furyís term expired in 2018. Nina nominated Moqui for another term. Jordan nominated Emily Wisner. Moqui was reelected by a vote of the present member base.


Licensing/Certificate Submission: Discussion of the clause in the Regulations that states that a vendorís retail food license or food safety training certificate must accompany their application. Noted that this clause was added to the regulations without a vendor vote. Lee moved that if a vendorís product requires a Health Department license/certificate, the vendor may bring the license/certificate to market on

or before the first week that they begin selling the product in question. The license/certificate need not be submitted with the vendorís application. Lou seconded. Discussion that if a vendor already has a license/certificate on file with the market, the vendor need not resubmit the license/certificate. The vendor must indicate on their application that they already have a license/certificate, and when it expires. Motion passed unanimously.


Manager Flexibility with Craft Vendor Restriction: Market regulations state that there may be no more than seven (7) spaces available to craft vendors. Barbara moved to allow Managers discretion to fill spaces that might exceed 7 craft vendors, provided that there are no agricultural vendors available. Ruth seconded. Motion passed unanimously.


ďOne vehicle per spaceĒ rule: This rule in the regulations allows only one vehicle per vendor space. Noted that this clause was added to the regulations without a vendor vote. Michele moved to strike this clause from the regulations, since it was never voted on. Barbara seconded. Motion passed unanimously.






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